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All members, guests and staff must follow all rules below. By joining GRG servers, website, Teamspeak or Discord, all persons automatically accept these mandatory rules even if they have not been read or verbally instructructed of them. Breaches of these rules by any member may result in demotion, temporary ban or a full community ban.

General Rules

1.1 Respect All Members:
All members are to treat each other with respect and to encourage a healthy positive environment for all.

1.2 Community Staff Structure:
The community has a structure. Staff members, staff leads and management have the responsibility to ensure smooth operations of the community. Their community rank is separate from their in-game military rank. These are separate and while in game, a staff member may not overstep a superior rank unless a serious community issue apparent.

1.3 Usernames:
Beginning with your name it needs to be short and easy to pronounce. No profanity is accepted in names are to be used either. Rank needs to be clearly displayed in front of each member’s name. Rank formatting is simple and requires the rank abbreviation, capitalized, followed by a space, then the member’s name. No brackets, periods, or special characters of any kind. Here is an example of proper name and rank format: SGT J. Doe. The only deviations would be under the event we have two or more members with the exact same name. In this event, the second person registering their name will be required to change either name to something different. Do not follow the name by any tags or special characters. We do not wear clan tags.

1.4 Username Structure:
Custom nicknames are accepted, but must be exactly the same on the website/forums, Teamspeak, ArmA 3, and fit in with the following guidelines:

1) No numbers at the end of your name. Example: "JohnDoe012345"

2) No ridiculous combinations of words. Example: "LoneWolfSniper"

3) No self promotion of services. Example: "LastShotProductionz.TV"

4) Usernames may not be a rank or branch of service. Example: "Corporal John", "Marine Gunner"

1.5 Activity Upon Enlistment:
Upon enlisting in the Global Reaction Group. New recruits MUST attend an event within 14 days or submit an LoA explaining their absence. Recruits who fail to attend an event (either an operation or training) within 14 days will be discharged on the basis of inactivity.

1.6 Recruitment:
Recruitment is mainly targeted around the UK/EU time zones, however there are no international restrictions. If you are able to attend our operation nights then it doesn't matter where in the world you are. Recruitment is conducted by a member of the recruitment team and they are responsible for making sure all recruits are fully I'm formed, aware and are set up for basic combat training. Contact a recruitment officer for further details.

1.7 Cheating & Exploits:
We have a zero tolerance for any forms of cheating, or use of mods that enhance your combat effectiveness beyond that of other players. Any mod that gives you open access to virtual arsenal systems (VAA), increase movement speed, or mods that enhance your HUD with unrealistic displays are outlawed.

1.8 Advertising:
Advertising on any Global Reaction Group platforms is prohibited. If you would like to use our platforms to advertise then this must first gain permission from management team. If you are found to be advertising or persuading members to leave for another community you may be subject to a complete community ban.

1.9 Malicious Activity:
Any member or guest acting in a malicious, destructive or sabotaging way, will be removed immediately from all community platforms and banned indefinitely. This community is designed to be a welcoming and friendly place for all members to enjoy milsim. If you choose to act in the way described above for any purpose you are attacking every individual of this community and this will not be taken lightly.

Unit Rules

2.1 Addressing Officers & NCOs
When addressing members of a higher rank you must address them as either their rank or name and rank. "dude” will not suffice. You can call officers "sir” if you want but it is not required. Note that NCOs should not be addressed as sir but by their rank. When out of the game, this rule is more relaxed, but while on base or during operations, members must be addressed by their proper title.

2.2 Uniforms
Regarding uniforms, all uniforms are selected by the command staff of the unit. No changes may be made to uniforms without clearance from unit COs. This includes custom texture modification, modification to nametapes, shoulder patches, or XMLs. All GRG members must be in uniform to prevent misidentifications and friendly fire in combat. In reference to camo types, these will also be designated by command staff prior to deployment depending on the terrain in the area

2.3 Recording/Streaming
Audio and video recording or streaming is strictly prohibited during all training events, drill days, and staff meetings. Streaming/ recording of operations is allowed however you are duty bound to declare this to staff prior, and with their approval, you may steam/record operations. Secondary, you must declare this to all members active in the operation. We want to send a good impression to anyone who may watch said stream/video, therefore all members must act in a professional manner to portray the unit in the best possible way.

2.4 Youtube
Some members may wish to submit videos of the unit to YouTube. As a big publicly open network. All management/staff reserve the right to deny use of content recorded from any GRG platforms and therefore content creators must remove uploaded content upon request from management/ staff.

2.5 Promotion Policy
Our promotion policy is based off individual combat and overall unit performance. Kills will not get your rank. Often times, element leaders will recognize their soldiers for all actions unit related, in, or out of the game and recommend them for a promotion or award. Ranks are something to congratulate other members on achieving, not show jealousy and the "it should have been me” mentality. Command officers (commissioned officers OF-3 and above} are the only permitted members to grant promotions. This is to be done at the weekly meetings or after an exceptional performance by the member receiving a promotion.

Unit Etiquette

3.1 Chat Moderation
While in any official GRG servers, you must conduct yourself in correlation with our unit standards at all times. No exceptions. Keep the chats completely clear of all religious, ethnic, or political debates and topics. Racism is not accepted at any time in any form. Do not make any remarks that could potentially offend another player. Keep in mind that our unit is made up of all kinds of people, from different areas and backgrounds. Do not take a chance by making an inconsiderate comment. Additionally, keep chats clear of any and all pornographic material. We have minors in this community, making it illegal for them to view any pornographic content. Do not move people out of the channels for fun or without prior consent. Finally, the private quarters of each unit command officers and community staff are to be treated as private offices. If two or more people are in someone's Private Quarters, please message them asking for permission, and receive permission, before entering the room.

3.2 Respect
Respect other players 100% of the time. Never put another member down based on poor combat or communication performance. Never question the words of our officers or command staff.

3.3 Lock It Up
Lock it up immediately when ordered to by an officer/NCO. We need silence in order to speak about important information that you would most likely miss if you were talking through it.

3.4 Teamspeak Poking/PMs
Never poke or message command staff at any time during an operation. This distracts from our positions of responsibility and can cause accidents during deployment. Our Recruitment Officers volunteer their time to help expand the unit, please do not harass them by telling them to do their jobs. More often than not, they are already aware of people waiting in the lobbies.

3.5 In-Game Text Chat
Keep the in-game chat clear 100% of the time. Occasionally, during the briefing, command staff may send messages via the global chat system, but never type during deployment at any time. If you lose your radio and cannot contact anybody, it is on you to find your way back to link up with friendlies. It’s a military simulation, not an instant messaging program.

3.6 Join In Progress (JIP)
Never join operation of any kind more than 15 minutes late without first notifying your commanding officer. No exceptions. You cannot under any circumstances show up two hours late for operations and expect to just join in progress. This is not join and play. Consideration will take place in getting people into the operation if late joining but don't expect to be teleported on demand.

3.7 Help Out
Make an open effort to help newer players to the game. Experience levels vary across our player base. Some members have had the game for years, some members have just downloaded it today. Insulting another player for being "new” does not propose a solution. Don’t be that guy. Elitist attitudes are grounds for removal.

3.8 Community Representation
Remember that even when you are not in our servers you represent the clan. Always uphold a positive standard when in additional private or public servers. Represent our unit well.

3.9 Reinforcements
When taking part in an operation it will probably be the case that you will die at some point and respawn at base. In this instance, normally a pilot will be tasked with reinforcement transport. Once battle ready again you must rendezvous at a designated reinforcement point and away instructions from the logistical office / pilot. They will get instructions on appropriate LZ / reinforcement instructions from command. At no point can any member demand or request teleported unless this is specified by command as routine for that operation.

On-Base Rules

4.1 Weapon Safety
Always keep your weapon on safety unless on an open firing range. No exceptions. Misfires and negligent discharges could potentially kill you or another teammate. Treat it as a real firearm exercise caution at all times.

4.2 Teamkilling
Never teamkill at any time. This is a bannable offense in this unit. If you want to PVP, join an independent server. Keep it out of ours.

4.3 Respect (Continued)
Respect other players on base. They are there to practice. That should speak for itself. Give respect and you shall receive it.

4.4 Keep The Base Clean
Keep the base clean. This base runs 24/7 when we are not conducting operations. Put things back where you found them when you are done so that it is ready for the next person to come on and practice.

4.5 Continue To Obey Regulations
Obey the community standards that are clearly outlined in our Unit Regulations. These regulations do not "go away" simply because an admin is not watching you.

4.6 Briefings
The way GRG organises briefings is structured to involve all levels of members and allows immersion for all ranks based on their level of responsibility. Command staff will be briefed by the Zeus making the operation. The command staff will discuss intended objectives and decide on what they would like to achieve from the operation. Command will brief the squadron and squad leaders who will devise a POA (plan of action) together. This will be granted as mission viable from command. The the squad leads/ squadron leaders will brief their squads/ flights and assign roles to individuals.

4.7 Chain of Command
The chain of Command is there to create a hierarchically structure of responsibility. With rank that an individual had comes with a certain amount of responsibility and decision making. At no point must anyone question the decisions of someone with a higher rank than themselves. They may have other objectives and information - that you are unaware of, that is required to be completed. It is their responsibility to complete the objectives assigned and they must answer to their superiors if unsuccessful. You may be promoted to hold high responsibility with a rank so always think about your conduct when address issues or problems that involves the hierarchical structure.


5.1 Missions, Mods and Teamspeak
GRG is dedicated in providing a problem and issue free environment to enjoy our milsim experience. The mod list, mission file and Teamspeak used are designed for your enjoyment, functionality and usability. It is fundamental that GRG provides technical continuity throughout. Changing mods and making mission file edits are big updates and affect the community as a whole so decisions to change are not taken lightly. No other party are permitted to enforce change of the mission file, mod list or Teamspeak (Inc. Channell/ tags) except management as a joint decision. Anyone found trying to influence a change to the mod list and or mission file without doing so in the correct channels will be dealt with severely.

5.2 External Servers
External sessions and dedicated servers are NOT ALLOWED to host GRG content. External sessions and dedicated servers are NOT ALLOWED to be hosted and used in combination with official GRG servers including Teamspeak 3 and our in-game dedicated servers. Don't use our community to host your own events without approval from our management staff.

5.3 Monetary Transactions
Members of this unit are NOT ALLOWED to accept monetary transactions except under the condition of donating to the unit's non-profit server fund. Do not give money to another member to help fund a project, server, or any other content. GRG is a Relaxed Milsim Gaming Community and not responsible for any money gained or lost in monetary transactions external to our secure donation system.

5.4 Off The Clock Operations
"Off The Clock Operations" are defined as custom missions that GRG members have created external to official campaigns and game types. These operations ARE ALLOWED to be hosted in public/private settings in combination with official GRG servers including Teamspeak 3 and our in-game dedicated servers so long as they do not interfere with officially planned events. You cannot host your own mission while we already have one running. Furthermore, the hosting method (either "home-hosted" or a dedicated server) is NOT ALLOWED to be left running when the HOST is not present. Host your session, play it, then take it offline. You cannot start your own dedicated server and provide it as a "service" to the unit no matter what the conditions, as it pulls attention away from officially supported GRG content.

5.5 Service Hosting Advanced Notice
All hosting and server related discussion, expansion, or modification MUST BE approved by the management staff of the unit. Allocation of unit funding, memory usage, web-service integration, or any other project MUST BE approved by the command staff of the unit prior to implementation.

Staff Rules

6.1 Staff Structure
The staff structure is designed in 3 tiers. From lowest to highest > Supporting staff, Administration Staff and Management Staff.

6.2 Staff Attitude
All tiers of staff have the responsibility to perform their role in the most professional manner. Although separate from in-game rank, your community rank is a sign of trust towards the community. It is important that you act with respect, level thinking, fairness, and integrity. You are responsible for your actions! GRG is a welcoming, friendly community where members can come to enjoy their time here. It is the responsibility of the staff to keep this true.

6.3 Supporting Staff
Support staff has different roles within the community. From Teamspeak developer, Technical developer to Support members. Support members will be responsible for providing information and help to other members of the community who do so desire their help. This may be to answer some questions, perform simple tasks or solve simple issues. Support staff are expected to carry out their duties regularly.

6.4 Administrative Staff
Administrative Staff, aka just ‘Staff’ members are Individuals in a position to make decisions based on the best interests of the server. They’re main responsibility is to make sure the community is running smoothly and efficiently. Staff may issue bans, suspensions and junctions on other members of the community. They must be available regularly and show keen interest to improve/ serve the community. The staff team will be headed by a Staff Lead.

6.5 Management Team
The Management Team are responsible for the entire community, upkeep, usability, function and enjoyability. Management are required to follow community entity direction in task to provide a member defined community, with the aim of building members and providing a more dynamic, interesting and immersive place to play.

6.5 Community Staff Recruitment.
If you would like to be involved with running the community, it is possible. You will be required to apply for a support member position when available and advertised. The appointment of this position will require a successful application and interview. Your attitude and behaviour will be brought into consideration before offering any individual a position with the staff teams. Do not think that positions within any staff team will be automatically given to an individual based on them doing / completing a certain task.

6.6 Staff Disciplinary
All levels of tiered staff are subject to dismissal if so required. It is imperative that all staff act within community rules, regulations and fulfill their duties as required. Management reserve the right to remove an individual from their staff position without reason, however this type of decision will not be taken lightly. All disciplinary decisions against individual staff members will be taken as a collective management decision and in line with full disciplinary procedures.