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Welcome To Global Reaction Group

Global Reaction Group
Welcome to the Community

Welcome to the Global Reaction Group Community and Forums. I am Rusty and I founded the Community in October 2018. I am pleased to have you here and I would like to express my appreciation for taking the time to come here and check us out.

We are an Arma 3 milsim community that pride ourselves on providing enhanced co-operative military scenarios, campaigns and unique milsim experiences within the world of Arma. I believe in running a community that is immersive and dynamic on member designed experiences with transparency. The most important part of our community is the individual member, without our members we wouldn't be able to have our fantastic experiences. With that said, it is imperative that we are able to adapt to criticism, move forward with member suggestions and provide a continual dynamic edge on the way we grow.

What Is the Global Reaction Group?

Global Reaction Group is a Global Task Forces that are available for deployment and tasking in response to World Conflict.  UK based Intergovernmental Military Organisation available to react at any point, in a combined role using global assets. This allows for a specialist, effective and efficient strike force.
GRG's main purpose is to provide a strategic military response to Global conflicts, with the main objective of maintaining peace. The use of combined international military assets to maintain control, order, and support through the use of military strikes, peacekeeping efforts and defense.

The organization of Global Reaction Group

As a virtual Milsim community, we have set up a framework to provide our members a foundation to play and be apart of a friendly, organized and structured community that gives the ability for members to grow, develop and take responsibility as the community moves forward.

The community is managed by the Community Founder, Community Executive Officer and other allocated Management Members. They are responsible for maintaining the community and leading the community in its operations, development and overall decision making.

Staff Team
The Staff Team are vital to the general running of the community. They are responsible for the general administration, member management and maintaining the operations of the community, Milsim Operations and the Support of the members. They also have the responsibility and power to invoke bans, unbans and make decisions upon raised incidents.

Support Team
Support members are vital to helping other members of the community. They are members of our community that are knowledgeable with the workings of the community operations and are able to help members with any issues concerned. They will answer support tickets to the best of their ability and put you in touch with the most relevant people deemed necessary.

Development Team
These guys are members of the community who are dedicated to the technical development of the Website, Forums, Teamspeak and Server. They are responsible for all the work in the background. It is their hard work that gives us the foundations of all technical aspects of the community.


As a Global Task Force, we want to run story-based campaigns of approximately 6 weeks - 12 Official Operation Dates - where we give a unique deployment experience. This will involve custom maps & designs, Custom Uniforms / Weapons / Mods, Custom Stories, and Custom Objectives. We want to provide a dynamic experience through the use of Ground Assets, Air Assets, Insertion & Exfil techniques, Weaponry and Tactics. Each of our campaigns have back story and objectives leading to its completion. The way we play as a group will ultimately dynamically affect the outcomes of the story and change the tactics/ strategy required to complete overall campaign objectives.

Peace Time

We provide the community with a Peace Time 'Home' Base while there are no campaigns running. this is to provide the following:

- Continual Playability
- An area to run practice operations
- Ability to run practice operations for upcoming campaigns
- A place to carry out training to be completed with custom training grounds
- A general base location


Infantry - Based primarily on the British Army, However, due to the International aspect, we are able to use specific weapons, uniforms, and tactics of International Military Powers.
Air Force - Primarily based on the Royal Air Force. The air assets are capable of international non-specific aircraft.

Supporting Units

Engineering Core - For members specifically interested in the deployment of their engineering skills for demolitions, vehicle servicing, artillery, and logistics.
Medical Core - For members specifically interested in providing Emergency Medical Response in the battlefield including Specialist Helicopter Operations e.g. Parajumpers.
Military Police - For members specifically interested in maintaining order within the community. Giving a roleplay edge to 'in-game' operations. These members are given special permissions to Detain, Arrest and inflict punishments upon members in-game.
Vader - Our Forward Recon Team - Details are held Confidential on this unit and it is a specialty unit.
Air Force Regiment - A ground force that is attached to the Air Wing. This unit is responsible for providing security, designation, and communications for all air operations.

Human Resources

Within the unit it is important we are providing members with continual training. Courses are developed in accordance with role-specific requirements and as a member progresses with their time with us, more courses will become available to them. The Human Resouces department are responsible for Recruitment and Training within the community. They will develop the course and implement training. Each new member is required to sit a Basic Combat Training Course before they will be allowed to attend an operation. Please see GRG: Recruitment Post for more information.

Rank And Promotions

Ranks are based on British Army and Royal Air Force Ranks and are structured as highlighted in -NIL- page on the ORBAT

Promotions throughout our ranks are progressive and based on individual combat and overall unit performance, Kills will not get you ranks. Often times, element leaders will recognize their soldiers for all actions unit related, in, or out of the game and recommend them for a promotion or award. Ranks are something to congratulate other members on achieving. Command officers (commissioned officers OF-3 and above} are the only permitted members to grant promotions. This is to be done at the weekly meetings or after an exceptional performance by the member receiving a promotion. 

Operation Nights

Monday - Training Night - From 6pm GMT+0 onwards.
Tuesday - Operation Night - From 7pm GMT+0
Friday - Community Meeting - 7pm GMT+0
Friday - Main Operation - 8pm GMT+0

When we run operations we expect members participating in the operation to be online, in the game and ready for briefing starting at the allocated time above. Attendance is very important however we respect that LIFE COMES FIRST! We do not expect members to attend every operation and understand that we all have other commitments. All that we ask is that if you are unable to attend the operation, please let us know prior to the operation why you will not be attending. We expect every member to attend at least 1 operation a month.

Further Information

In this section of the Forums, there is further information about the community. I encourage you to check them out as they provide detailed information on the community. Otherwise, come onto the Teamspeak and have a chat with us.

I hope you thoroughly enjoy your experience with Global Reaction Group and we are looking forward to seeing you in the next Operation



Global Reaction Group Community Founder
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