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Suggestion Information

Welcome to the Suggestion thread of the forum. Please feel free to place any mod or command suggestion for any branch of the unit here please bare this in mind.

  • Please don't mindlessly shoot down a suggestion if you don't agree with it 100%
  • Don't feel discouraged to post your ideas because of your rank/role in the community (All suggestions are viewed equally) 
  • If you agree with a post-show your support for it and share anything you want to note
  • Finally please don't tag management/command or bump it we will get round to replying to it 
A final note that all suggestions are welcome and I hope you will feel welcomed to raising any ideas you have and I hope we can work together to build the community to something for all of us.

GRG Management Team
Community XO - Army Command - Stellaris Player - Original Hybrid

Niklaus Mikealson 

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