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The ORBAT is a good way of managing players, however, rigid fireteams do not work. 

I suggest that people are added to three categories : Section Leaders: Fireteam leaders and Infantry. These people take their respective role, in whatever fireteam is necessary with the members present.
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I approve. +1
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Im going to look at changing the way the ORBAT is structured cause I agree that the ridgid fireteams dont work too.
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+1 Support

I think it should personally be stripped down to just roles Eg there will still be Medics, Engineers, Section, and Squad Leads but they aren't split up just on the bigger Roster type thing and are placed in units and sections on the day...
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Yeh sorting the squads at the start of the OP is better than doing them in the ORBAT (im in spartan 2 which is meant to be led by roman but thats never happend...)
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I think it should still be done by orbat but put certain people in charge and split the active users between them and then split engineers and medics between them as well it shouldn't be that people are constantly working in different ways and getting a team together who learn together and can then work together well as they have developed skills together means a better outcome and the squad knows what they are doing.

However, you just chuck a team together who haven't learned stuff together or pretty much trained together then you will have issues where not everyone knows what they are doing or how the team works which is why we get all the bunching and running around like headless chickens. we need a fixed structure and not something where everyone just gets lumped together. obviously, if there isn't a full fire team of I would say around 3 + members then it should be merged into one just to make it easier, but need to stop with everyone being chucked together randomly.
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Well ive got bored again a Visualisation/example of how i imagine The updated Orbat
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