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This post is completely seperate to my ALIVE post.

There has been a lot of talk recently about switching weapons and vehicles to make things 'more interesting', because the community 'doesnt like the L85A2'. 

I have a solution to this. The unit should remain a milsim, however I think it would be suitable if we kept the current weapon list; allowing people free reign over weapons is a really, really bad idea, it looks horrible and would ruin lots of the immersion in the unit. This is already seeping in with Vader being allowed other snipers. This MUST stop immediately, for the success of the unit.

A way to relieve bordem etc. with the unit is to actually change it up. This means changing units, nations factions and playing different people. Some people want to play with US weapons, vehicles etc. so why don't we, but NOT when playing British units. 

I suggest that we change up the campaigns; play US units, play russian or chinese units, just switch it up to keep people interested, but still remain *some* authenticity to the unit.
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just going to say that there should be a list of weapons that people should be allowed to use a squad in the army does not just stick the L85A2 but certain weapons depending on class and skill. I can also see what you mean about Vader as it seems they have been approved for Russian and snipers that the British army would not use.

I believe there should be a list of weapons people can use but do not agree with switching up the units (Kinda meant to be a British Army milsim for a reason)
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If you want a realistic subset of the weapons the british army use you have this.

--Are you a Sniper - If yes use l115a3
--Are you a marksman - If yes use L129A1
--Are you a machine gunner - If yes use GPMG
--Non of the above? - Use the L85

I dont see the point of being a British milsim and then using loads of different weapons...it just defeats the purpose.
-Can actually defuse mines.

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