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Mod Suggestion - Stretchers

Hi guys,
I think stretchers would be kinda cool to have.
Reasons for:
Easier to move people - animation to carry takes ages and dragging gets bugged alot and is super slow
Easy for medevac to get someone - can be slung from the medevac heli 

Reasons against:
They take a whole backpack up, so if they were being used it would have to take someones whole inv, or be put in a vehicle (ambulance most likely) inventory
Not sure if you can load into a heli like other things, i saw someone saying you can with some setVehicleCargo thing


[Image: Sretcher.png]
IK the dude on it is in a weird position, it was my fault when i was putting him on the stretcher, When you load them through the ace menu it works fine

class staticBananaLauncher {
class yourVehicleBaseClass {
ace_cargo_size = 4; // Cargo space the object takes
ace_cargo_canLoad = 1; // Enables the object to be loaded (1-yes, 0-no)

yoinked from https://ace3mod.com/wiki/framework/cargo-framework.html
Weaponised Autism 

[Image: jimmy2.jpg]


Looks cool, but I wonder what happens when the heli takes fire? Is the stretcher bullet proof? Because there would be no point in air lifting wounded just for them to take a bullet to the head while leaving the AO.
-RAF Flt Sgt and FAC

As far as ive tested i think it is probably bullet proof whilst being slung, i also think it can survive a long drop without hurting the person, but i need to do more testing

actually i think they can be shot, but if you load it into the heli they cant
Weaponised Autism 

[Image: jimmy2.jpg]


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