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Community Changelog 1.1

Community Changelog 1.1 - 'A New Hope'


- New system for promotions: Promotions will be held when positions within the new rank are available for elegable members.
- Set out maximum number of Rank positions available - This will help with maintaining role prestige and responsability held by the members within that rank.
- A new peacetime base map is being worked on and will be released next tuesday 12th before the 'Special Training Session'.

- Some members of the community have been removed for the benifit of the Community as a whole. Some others have decided to leave. Let us respect their right to be left in peace and do not bother them. It now provides us with an oppertunity to move forward and grow in a better direction.
- Old ORBAT squad system, replaced with new system.

- Promotions will be able to be set by Leading Members of each unit [RAF/ Infantry not incl. Supporting Units ( These units fall under either RAF or Army  Command).

- Members Holding OF-1 2nd Lieutenant / Pilot Officer will be able to Invoke promotions. However must be discussed with Senior Officers of each unit prior. They will be able to promote Junior Ranks Only [ PVT > CPL range].

- Members Holding OF-2 Captain / Flight Lieutenant will be able to invoke promotions of Range [ PVT > SGT ] Prior approval IS Required.

- Members Holding OF-3 Major / Squadron Leader will be able to invoke promotions of range [PVT > Officer Cadet]. Prior approval is NOT Required.

- Members Holding OF-4 (Or Above) Lieutenant Colonel / Wing Commander May Promote any rank with full range.

- Minimum time between promotions is 2 weeks.

- Promotions will not be held as part of the community meeting and will be at the discression of OF ranks.

- Any promotions must be posted in the Forum to announce the change.

- Management Reserve the right to Increase, Pause or slow the rate of promotions at any time and are reserve the right to open and close positions within the ORBAT at discression.

- No team Killing, discharging weapons or grenades of any kind while on base. Any member caught doing so will be immediately banned - without notice - for 2 hours. Repeat offences will result in Community Discaplinary. Refer to Discaplinary policy for further information.

- 1hr Before Operation - Server will be restarted. Allowing Zeus to build the mission. All rules are in effect at this point.

- 30 mins prior Operation - Command Briefing will be held. This includes only: Army/ RAF command Staff, Operation Tactical Commander(s) and Zeus. Other person(s) may be called to attend for a specific reason. This will happen at commanders discression in game.

- Operation Start Time. All players must be ready for briefing at this point. After briefing is complete all GI must line up into parade formation to be organised into Squads - Mission Specific -  and given tasks by NCOs.

- Discapline will be Of high Priority. All Members - when in game - must address others by rank. If orders are given then they must be followed. Insubordination will not be tollerated and may result in a ban.
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