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Special Training Session

Special External Training Session

On Tuesday 12th, we have a friend of mine from a Special Forces Milsim joining us to provide General Infantry Training with some extras. He is kindly donating his time to help us out and give us with some extra training. With the changes that have happened recently from 'MoistGate' we are looking to move on from this and develope into an exciting new direction. This is the start of our transition into a better, more professional, less toxic and enjoyable milsim. I am hoping that many of you can make it and please try your hardest to be there. If any new members are looking to join, this will be an excellent oppertunity for them to complete their BCT as this will count as it.

Where: Peacetime Base - NEW MAP
When: 6pm GMT+0, Tuesday 12th March 2019.

Be ready and online for briefing at 1800hrs.


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